Sally Symonds

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Learn The Secret To Eating Healthy And Becoming
Naturally Thin Without Trying!

Discover How I Lost 45kg (99 pounds)
In 33 Weeks Without Dieting…
And Kept It Off For Over 13 Years

Are you struggling to find healthy food that you actually enjoy eating?

Do you have bad eating habits that make losing weight just too difficult?

Wouldn’t it be great not to feel overweight, tired and frustrated all the time?

You know there’s a better way to lose weight than to starve yourself eating rabbit food.

Do You Want To Struggle
With Your Weight For The
Rest Of Your Life?

Weight gain and obesity are on the rise each year.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking there’s a magic pill out there that will fix everything… because there’s not.

It’s up to you to make the decision on whether you will change your life or be overweight, unhappy and and unsatisfied for the rest of your life.

The Weight Loss Industry Has Fooled The World For Decades

Companies that sell diet pills or promote yoyo diets only make your wallet feel lighter… and nothing else.

Their goal is to put you on extreme diets that you cannot sustain knowing you’ll inevitably fail.

Then they’ll pitch the next craze or fad and repeat the whole process happily taking your hard earned money each time.

You’re not the only person they’ve fooled… I was under the same illusion for many years too.

The Real Way To Lose Weight Naturally Is to Eat Intentionally

Learn how to transform your bad eating habits to good and lose weight without trying.

No more rigged diets that make you feel like a rabbit... finally feel happy about what you eat.

Today is the day you stop worrying about how you look and transform your life.

By eating intentionally you’ll be able to lose fat and keep it off... FOREVER!

Start Feeling Confident And Proud Of Your Body Again

Imagine the feeling of not feeling body conscious whether at work or on the beach.

Waking up full of energy and having the power to plough through the day without feeling tired, fatigued or scared about what you put in your belly.

Think about the feeling of being complemented by colleagues and family members and being happy with your mind and body!

I’ve been where you are now and I’ve reached the other side… and it’s not hard!

How Do I Know If It Works?

Because I’ve done it myself.

I’m not some naturally skinny person who has no idea what it’s like to be overweight.

Or some 6 pack abs personal trainer who can eat whatever they like and still look amazing.

And I’m not someone who just thinks you’re “lazy” because they’ve never struggled with weight loss before.

I’m just like you… and I’ve helped thousands of people like you as well.

You’re About To Learn How To
Get Thin Naturally By
Eating Intentionally

How awesome would it be to be able to:

  • Feel stunning in your own skin again
  • Receive positive compliments and be proud of your body
  • Feel confident in your food choices and your body
  • Not have to get on another yoyo diet again
  • For the first time in your life have fun eating without feeling guilty

What Some Of My Clients Say…

“Thank God for Sally Symonds!

Essentially Sally showed me how to lose weight WITHOUT deprivation and despair.

In terms of weight loss, I have actually enjoyed (for the first time ever!!!!) losing over 10kg – WITHOUT DIETING and have only a little more to go.

Also, I have NO fear about regaining the lost weight…

-Heidi, Adelaide, South Australia

“Sally’s methods are unlike anything I’ve tried before for weight loss.

They’ve made such a difference to how I look and more importantly how I FEEL!

All of the resources are so helpful. Her advice is easy and practical and so different from the usual diet and exercise plans that never seem to work for very long or are just so hard to keep up with.

Mentally, I am in a completely different space. It’s not hard, I’m not hungry, I’m motivated. It’s enjoyable, not a chore.

This is so not a “one size fits all” deal, it actually helps you make changes that you can fit into your life.

I have so much more energy and who knew, I can live without fast food!

I’m not alone. I don’t feel that I am on a diet, I am making changes that are really going to last, which once upon a time felt impossible.

I would definitely recommend this package to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and lose weight for good.

-Maureen, Brookfield, Queensland 

“Sally is so knowledgeable and straight forward, she really does make weight loss seem easy! It is so refreshing to have advice from someone that has quite literally been there and done it all. Love her recipes, love her advice, and love my weight loss!"

-Alana, Chermisde West

Get Your Eat Intentionally, Lose Weight For Life Package Today

In my Eat Intentionally, Lose Weight For Life lifestyle pack you’ll receive:

  • 11 videos on how to cook healthy and delicious food
  • Cheat’s Guide To Easy Healthy Eating (including videos and worksheets)
  • 2-part video guide on how to fill your fridge and freezer with healthy foods
  • How to understand the hormones for weight loss so that you work with your body and not against it
  • 100+ Recipes that are fast, healthy, filling and family and budget-friendly
  • 6 Weeks of Healthy Eating Plans

A comprehensive package that will put you on the path to being naturally thin.

How Does It Work?

You’ll get immediate access to my private membership section where you can access all my exclusive content anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re at home, in the office or on holiday halfway around the world - you’ll always have the tools on hand to eat healthy.

Everything is broken down into digestible steps and is super-easy to follow.

So How Much Of An
Investment is Needed?

Typically I don't even release this content outside of my highest membership level so you can't even buy it separately if you wanted to.

But I know we all want to lose weight and feel great about ourselves.

And I’d love to get you started with an offer you just can’t refuse.

Get the entire Eat Intentionally Lose Weight For Life for just $97.

Will It Work For Me?


That’s because you’re not relying on restriction, starvation, willpower or any other faulty principles that diets are built on.

In fact… my goal is to actually make weight loss fun for you.

Because when you enjoy losing weight… it’s easy.

But I’ll also put my money where my mouth is with my…

Lose Weight Or Your Money
Back And More Guarantee!

If – FOR ANY REASON – you don’t love Eat Intentionally Lose Weight

Just let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund…

And you can keep all the materials as well.

So you can start losing weight today with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!

But Wait… I’m Not
Done With You Yet

If you take action today I’ll also give you my 50+ Recipes To Lose 50+KG...And Keep It Off paperback book.



(It's subtitled "A guilt-free guide to eating more and weighing less"... so if you are scared of being hungry and don't want to feel guilty when you eat any more then you really need this!"

This is an actual book that you can place in your kitchen and will be mailed to you for free.

I actually sell this Book on Amazon for $29.95 but you’ll get it for FREE.

Act Now And Save $50!

As I said above Eat Intentionally Lose Weight For Life is normally $147.

But I want to make sure that this is the time that you actually lose weight!

So you can get the complete program for just $97 if you act right now.

But this offer is only available for a limited time.

Will You Succeed Or Fail This Time?

Every day millions of people start a new diet... and more and more people become overweight.

Diets start and stop (mostly when 'life' gets in the way...)

But knowing how to eat intentionally is a skill that you will have forever!

Are You Going To
Succeed This Time?

I thought so!

Simply click the pretty button below to begin your journey to eating intentionally, losing weight... and never finding it again!

You’re almost there…

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Normally $147… Today $97 (Save $50!)

P.S. You’re getting Eat Intentionally Lose Weight For Life for just $97 if you act today.

It includes:

  • 11 videos on how to cook healthy and delicious food
  • Cheat’s Guide To Easy Healthy Eating (including videos and worksheets)
  • 2-part video guide on how to fill your fridge and freezer with healthy foods
  • How to understand the hormones for weight loss so that you work with your body and not against it
  • 100+ Recipes that are fast, healthy, filling and family and budget-friendly
  • 6 Weeks of Healthy Eating Plans

And it’s covered by my Better Than Money Back Guarantee so if you don’t like it for ANY REASON just let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund…

Plus you get to keep all of the materials.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (metaphorically speaking).

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Normally $147… Today $97 (Save $50!)

About Sally Symonds

Inspiring other Australians to lead a fit and healthy life since 2010, Sally Symonds is one of Australia’s highest profile leading health and fitness experts.

A published author of three weight loss books and motivational speaker, Sally is also the founder of a revolutionary 26 week system utilising unique food, exercise and mindset strategies.

An in-demand media commentator, Sally has featured across many media channels including Sunrise, Today, The Morning Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, ABC News, ABC Radio, 2UE, 4BC, Good Health, FitnessPro, The Courier Mail, Herald Sun, Queensland Country Life, and Australian Women’s Weekly Health.

Sally has loved each step of her weight loss journey which started in 2002 with a staggering loss of 45kg in 33 weeks. (Yes, that is almost 1.5kg per week). But as we know only too well, it’s one thing to get it off, but another to keep it off.

Not only did Sally keep it off for 5 years, but went on to lose an additional 8.5kg. This achieved a total weight loss of nearly 55kg, or half her body weight which she continues to maintain today.

To put this massive accomplishment into perspective, only one of Australia’s ‘Biggest Losers’ – Bob Herdsman (2009) – achieved a bigger weight loss percentage, making Sally one of the biggest and most successful ‘losers’ of all time.

And yet, Sally achieved all of this in the ‘real world’. Not in a boot camp, but while managing a busy life and hectic career complete with all of the stresses and temptations of everyday life.

These challenges also included a distinct lack of empowering weight loss systems available on the market to help her.

She found most of the diets or programs available were created to keep people in the vicious weight loss/weight gain cycle. Users either did not lose the weight they needed or lost weight only to regain it with even more weight!

While loving her own weight loss journey, Sally found the industry trend to employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach was not only completely ineffective, but also disempowering. If she could find a better, more practical, more realistic and more sustainable way, she could work with others to help them do it too.

Besides, so many weight loss and fitness experts have always been fit and have never had to actually lose weight themselves. Being able to understand firsthand what it’s like to struggle with weight and have a complete aversion to exercise, really does set Sally aside from the rest.

She has taken each and every step of the process herself and will help others to take theirs too.

In September 2010, Sally released her first book, 50 Steps to Lose 50kg . . . And Keep It Off, which was followed by 50+ Recipes to Lose 50+kg . . . And Keep It Off in 2011. Her third book was published in 2012 – 50 Ways to Weight-Loss Motivation.

Her knowledge and passion for helping others find their ideal selves culminated in Sally’s online weight loss system, Love Your Weight Loss available through Sally’s website also features practical weight loss, fitness, mindset, and healthy living strategies and a wealth of other information.

A qualified personal trainer and NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) practitioner, Sally now offers a variety of weight loss coaching packages for individuals and corporations who want to change their lives—and health—for the better.

She is also one of Australia’s most experienced and engaging motivational and inspirational speakers, being a catalyst for positive change with many of her clients such as Goodlife Health Clubs, Coca-Cola Amatil, Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo and Goldman Sachs.

To add to her impressive collection of achievements, Sally holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Literature, a Master of Arts, an ASDA (Associate in Speech and Drama Australia), and an LSDA (Licentiate in Speech and Drama Australia). She is also a qualified Wellness Coach and Rehab Trainer.

Originally from a cattle property, Sally’s diverse background and life experiences have greatly contributed to her unique and creative approach to fitness and weight loss.

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Normally $147… Today $97 (Save $50!)