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Who is Sally Symonds and Why Listen to Her?

From a morbidly obese 106.5kg to 60kg in less than a year

Sally Symonds is one of the few healthy life educators with first hand experience in weight loss, in addition to formal qualifications.

Going from a morbidly obese 106.5 kg to 60 kg in less than a year (including a 45kg weight loss in just 33 weeks). Then losing another 8.5kg. A weight loss she has maintained for over 10 years.

A more than 50% weight loss!!

To put Sally’s weight loss in perspective, only one of Australia’s “Biggest Losers” – Bob Herdsman (2009) – has a bigger weight loss percentage ... and Sally wasn’t locked away in some boot camp. She did it while balancing a busy life and very hectic career.

And she did it by throwing out the weight loss and diet industry B.S. and breaking almost every so called ‘rule’ they have force fed and brainwashed us with over the years.

"Thank God for Sally Symonds! Essentially Sally showed me how to lose weight WITHOUT deprivation and despair.

In terms of weight loss, I have actually enjoyed (for the first time ever!!!!) losing over 10kg – WITHOUT DIETING and have only a little more to go.

Also, I have NO fear about regaining the lost weight..."

Heidi Adelaide, South Australia

"I’ve always found exercise boring and never stuck to it for very long. Sally’s sessions gave me a whole new perspective on how to approach it so that it’s not tedious and mundane. Time flies when I exercise now – and the kilos are flying off as well. I would thoroughly recommend these sessions to any non-exercisers."

Greg Anderson Malvern East, Victoria

"Sally’s methods are unlike anything I’ve tried before for weight loss. They’ve made such a difference to how I look and more importantly how I FEEL!

All of the resources are so helpful. Her advice is easy and practical and so different from the usual diet and exercise plans that never seem to work for very long or are just so hard to keep up with.

Mentally, I am in a completely different space. It’s not hard, I’m not hungry, I’m motivated. It’s enjoyable, not a chore. This is so not a “one size fits all” deal, it actually helps you make changes that you can fit into your life."

Maureen Brookfield, Queensland

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