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Why Diets Don’t Work For Permanent Weight Loss… And What To Do About It

Discover How I Lost 45kg (99 pounds)
In 33 Weeks Without Dieting…
And Kept It Off For Over 13 Years


And there are a tonne of research papers to prove it.

The problem is that the latest fad diet or magazine article is a lot more interesting to read than dry scientific papers.

But I bet you already know diets don’t work for weight loss… don’t you?

I bet you’ve tried dozens of diets in the past to lose weight… and how’s that going for you again?

Diets Get Even Worse For Permanent Weight Loss

Even those people who lose weight in the short term often end up putting it back on again.

That’s because all diets “work”… until they don’t.

They focus on quick wins… like losing your water weight.

And most of them are impossible to follow so it’s easy to fall off the wagon.

You’ll Never Lose Weight
Permanently By Dieting

Diets are set up to fail.

The idea that you can eat well for a “short period” of time and then go back to your normal lifestyle just doesn’t make sense.

According to the Australian Dieticians Association… 96% of people who lose weight regain it all again (and more) within two years.

And don’t get me started on the idea that carbs, protein or fat are “bad” for your body… we need all of them to survive!

You’ve Been Lied To For Years!

It’s not your fault that you’ve failed to lose weight while dieting.

It’s the diets that have failed you.

Did you know that there are currently over 18,000 different diets on the market right now?

So if any of them actually worked… why would we need so many?

But You Can Lose Weight…And Keep It Off (Permanently)

You don’t need to eat less to lose weight…

You just have to EAT BETTER.

Which simply means you replace the bad foods you're currently eating with healthy foods.

The trick is to make it enjoyable so you trick your brain into eating healthy for the rest of your life.

And you can do it without starving yourself or eating expensive “health foods”.

And In Fact…
I Want You To EAT MORE!

Not all foods are created equal and obviously eating a softball size of chocolate is very different to the same amount of salad.

And studies have shown that if you’ve been overweight for a long time then your stomach has been stretched.

This means you have to eat a greater volume of food to feel full (than naturally skinny people do).

Change Your Eating
Patterns Properly!

It’s now obvious that when you change your eating patterns you actually have to eat more (not less) in order to feel full and stick with the changes (at least in the beginning).

This is something that none of the “portion control” advocates tell you and a huge reason why diets are almost impossible to maintain.

So forget portion control and eat until you’re full… but not “overfull”.

And this is just one of the small “secrets” of why my approach is so effective.

This Could Be YOU

Imagine eating filling, healthy and delicious foods while still losing weight.

Foods that are easy to prepare (most can be done in under 10 minutes).

Plus your family will actually enjoy eating them too (no more “special plate” for you while everyone else eats “normal” food).

Most importantly… imagine reaching your Happy Weight just by making a few simple changes that are built around your personality and what you actually like to eat.

And YOU WON’T FEEL HUNGRY… or deprived… or starving!

How Do I Know It Works?

Because I’ve done it myself.

I’m not some naturally skinny person who has no idea what it’s like to be overweight.

Or some 6 pack abs personal trainer who can eat whatever they like and still look amazing.

And I’m not someone who just thinks you’re “lazy” because they’ve never struggled with weight loss before.

I’m just like you… and I’ve helped thousands of people like you as well.

I Wasn't Just Overweight...
I Was Morbidly Obese!

When the doctors tell you that you’re so fat that you’re going to die… that’s not a good thing.

I had tried everything in the weight loss book including Jenny Craig, personal trainers, gym memberships, shake diets, prescription medications, appetite suppressants and more.

But I still found myself weighing a jaw dropping 106.5kg (235 pounds).

I lost 45kg (99 pounds) in 33 weeks… and kept that weight off for 5 years.

Then I went on to lose another 8.5kg (19 pounds).

Yes I lost OVER HALF OF MY BODYWEIGHT… 50.23% to be exact.

And because I’m one of the few people in the world who have achieved massive weight loss (and kept it off) I feel it’s my duty to share with you…

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

You’re about to discover…

  • Why diets, calorie counting, low-carbs or any other method of depriving your body doesn’t work for sustainable weight loss… and what to do instead
  • How you can emotionally eat and still lose weight (no more “willpower” required)
  • Food that is easy, filling, healthy and delicious (plus quick to prepare) so you can make eating better an enjoyable part of your lifestyle

But most importantly…

You’re going to lose weight the easy way by working with your mind and body… not against them.

But Don't Take My Word For It

I'm so happy to have found Sally's Love Your Weight Loss website.  Sally offers everything she knows about living a healthy life, how to lose even huge amounts and weight and most importantly how to keep it off. For the first time in 15 years and after trying what seems like every 'diet' out there, Sally is a breath of fresh air. As Sally has lost a lot of weight I an more inclined to believe what she says when she offers advice. I know this will be the last time I will lose weight because with Sally's help, I KNOW the weight will be gone forever.

- Bunny, Minto

Thank God for Sally Symonds!

Essentially Sally showed me how to lose weight WITHOUT deprivation and despair.

In terms of weight loss, I have actually enjoyed (for the first time ever!!!!) losing over 10kg – WITHOUT DIETING and have only a little more to go.

Also, I have NO fear about regaining the lost weight…

- Heidi, Adelaide

Sally’s methods are unlike anything I’ve tried before for weight loss.

They’ve made such a difference to how I look and more importantly how I FEEL!

All of the resources are so helpful. Her advice is easy and practical and so different from the usual diet and exercise plans that never seem to work for very long or are just so hard to keep up with.

Mentally, I am in a completely different space. It’s not hard, I’m not hungry, I’m motivated. It’s enjoyable, not a chore.

This is so not a “one size fits all” deal, it actually helps you make changes that you can fit into your life.

Maureen, Brookfield

And Here I Am On TV

I’ve been interviewed a lot on TV over the years but here is a quick video about how to eat (and shop) right…

You’ll discover that losing weight is simple when you do it right!

Here’s What You Get

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting includes…

  • The Ultimate Guide To Why Diets Don’t Work

You already know that diets don’t work… even when they sound like a good idea.

Now you’ll learn why they don’t work so you can become your own weight loss expert.

Discover the psychological and emotional barriers that will stop you achieving permanent weight loss using any type of diet.

Plus I talk about why diets don’t work for your body…

We’ll cover low calorie, detox, low carb and other popular diets that are sweeping the world (and doing a lot of damage in the process).

  • The Emotional Eating Kit

You cannot stop emotional eating.

It’s not a question of “mind over matter” or willpower.

It happens to everyone… skinny or fat.

And if anyone tells you otherwise… it’s obvious they’ve never been fat!

In this special kit you’ll learn how you can emotionally eat and STILL LOSE WEIGHT.

Clever, right?

  • My Top 50 Easy, Filling, Healthy And Delicious Recipes

These are the exact recipes I used to lose 45kg (99 pounds) in 33 weeks.

To create better eating habits you obviously have to eat something different.

But most “healthy recipes” are created by chefs and take hours to prepare.

Plus “healthy” often means “less” because of the common calorie counting mindset.

So I’m giving you 50 recipes that are…

  • Quick and easy to prepare (most taking under 10 minutes)
  • Filling… you can actually EAT MORE and still lose weight
  • Delicious so that you won’t miss any of your old eating habits one bit

And remember that you’re getting 50 so you have a tonne of variety in what you eat.

Pick your favourites and ditch the rest… it’s that simple.

I Know You’ve Tried “Diets” Before

By now you realise that this is not a diet or “eating plan” like you may have tried in the past (or several times!).

It’s about educating you to eat better… while not losing the enjoyment of food.

AND making it easy to implement small changes in your everyday life.

Because all the education in the world doesn’t matter if it you can’t put it into action.

I still love to eat but I just do it differently nowadays.

And that’s why my clients love this approach to weight loss… because it’s easy and fun.

Pick your favourites and ditch the rest… it’s that simple.

How Much Do You Invest?

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting is normally $47.

And let’s face it… those awful diet books fly off the shelves for that price everyday.

So I want to go one better.

Because you’ve just subscribed to my website I want to make you an offer you can’t refuse…

Get the entire How To Lose Weight Without Dieting for just $17.

That’s not a typo… you get everything above for just the price of a fancy pizza.

Will It Work For You?


That’s because you’re not relying on restriction, starvation, willpower or any other faulty principles that diets are built on.

In fact… my goal is to actually make weight loss fun for you.

Because when you enjoy losing weight… it’s easy.

But I’ll also put my money where my mouth is with my…

Better Than Money Back Guarantee

If – FOR ANY REASON – you don’t love How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Just let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund…

And you can keep all the materials as well.

So you can start losing weight today with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!

But This Is A Limited Time Offer

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting is only available at $17 for a limited time.

I do this because I want to encourage you to take action right now.

Because I know that when you do… you’ll get results.

And you’ll finally unlock the key to permanent weight loss.

Here Is What You Do Next

Simply click the button below, enter your details and you’ll get instant access to How To Lose Weight Without Dieting.

It’s time to start losing weight in a fun and enjoyable way…

That finally leads to permanent weight loss.

Just click the button below to get started…

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Normally $47… Today $17

I look forward to hearing your success story! 

Talk soon,

Sally Symonds

P.S. You’re getting How To Lose Weight Without Dieting for just $17 if you act today.

It includes…

  • The Ultimate Guide To Why Diets Don’t Work
  • The Emotional Eating Kit
  • My Top 50 Easy, Filling, Healthy And Delicious Recipes

And it’s covered by my Better Than Money Back Guarantee so if you don’t like it for ANY REASON just let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund…

Plus you get to keep all of the materials.

You have nothing to lose… except a lifetime of struggling with your weight!

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About Sally Symonds

Inspiring other Australians to lead a fit and healthy life since 2010, Sally Symonds is one of Australia’s highest profile leading health and fitness experts.

A published author of three weight loss books and motivational speaker, Sally is also the founder of a revolutionary 26 week system utilising unique food, exercise and mindset strategies.

An in-demand media commentator, Sally has featured across many media channels including Sunrise, Today, The Morning Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, ABC News, ABC Radio, 2UE, 4BC, Good Health, FitnessPro, The Courier Mail, Herald Sun, Queensland Country Life, and Australian Women’s Weekly Health.

Sally has loved each step of her weight loss journey which started in 2002 with a staggering loss of 45kg in 33 weeks. (Yes, that is almost 1.5kg per week). But as we know only too well, it’s one thing to get it off, but another to keep it off.

Not only did Sally keep it off for 5 years, but went on to lose an additional 8.5kg. This achieved a total weight loss of nearly 55kg, or half her body weight which she continues to maintain today.

To put this massive accomplishment into perspective, only one of Australia’s ‘Biggest Losers’ – Bob Herdsman (2009) – achieved a bigger weight loss percentage, making Sally one of the biggest and most successful ‘losers’ of all time.

And yet, Sally achieved all of this in the ‘real world’. Not in a boot camp, but while managing a busy life and hectic career complete with all of the stresses and temptations of everyday life.

These challenges also included a distinct lack of empowering weight loss systems available on the market to help her.

She found most of the diets or programs available were created to keep people in the vicious weight loss/weight gain cycle. Users either did not lose the weight they needed or lost weight only to regain it with even more weight!

While loving her own weight loss journey, Sally found the industry trend to employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach was not only completely ineffective, but also disempowering. If she could find a better, more practical, more realistic and more sustainable way, she could work with others to help them do it too.

Besides, so many weight loss and fitness experts have always been fit and have never had to actually lose weight themselves. Being able to understand firsthand what it’s like to struggle with weight and have a complete aversion to exercise, really does set Sally aside from the rest.

She has taken each and every step of the process herself and will help others to take theirs too.

In September 2010, Sally released her first book, 50 Steps to Lose 50kg . . . And Keep It Off, which was followed by 50+ Recipes to Lose 50+kg . . . And Keep It Off in 2011. Her third book was published in 2012 – 50 Ways to Weight-Loss Motivation.

Her knowledge and passion for helping others find their ideal selves culminated in Sally’s online weight loss system, Love Your Weight Loss available through Sally’s website also features practical weight loss, fitness, mindset, and healthy living strategies and a wealth of other information.

A qualified personal trainer and NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) practitioner, Sally now offers a variety of weight loss coaching packages for individuals and corporations who want to change their lives—and health—for the better.

She is also one of Australia’s most experienced and engaging motivational and inspirational speakers, being a catalyst for positive change with many of her clients such as Goodlife Health Clubs, Coca-Cola Amatil, Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo and Goldman Sachs.

To add to her impressive collection of achievements, Sally holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Literature, a Master of Arts, an ASDA (Associate in Speech and Drama Australia), and an LSDA (Licentiate in Speech and Drama Australia). She is also a qualified Wellness Coach and Rehab Trainer.

Originally from a cattle property, Sally’s diverse background and life experiences have greatly contributed to her unique and creative approach to fitness and weight loss.

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