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Have you ever been following some strict diet or exercise plan or programme and thought to yourself:

'Am I actually going to be able to keep doing this forever?'


If you answered yes, then you are not alone!

In fact, most of us wonder this same thing EVERY TIME we try to lose weight.


Because most traditional weight loss plans and programmes are designed by people who have always been fit and healthy. People who have no idea what it feels like to exercise when you're morbidly obese and used to eating a couple of family size boxes of chocolate every day.

At least they have been until now…

Take a look at these photos...

That's me – before – at 106.5 kg.

Take a look at the image beside it.

That's me – now – more than 10 years later – at 53 kg.

Now, consider the time frame. My 'after' photo was taken nearly ten years after the first (notice the extra wrinkles for proof)

Yes, the numbers are correct.

I lost over 50% of my original body weight.


And the weight stayed off…


Now, check out the 'average' stats for people who undertake massive weight loss:

  • 96% of people who lose weight put it all back on again within two years
  • Most of those people not only regain all the weight they lost, but they end up putting on more

So now you're wondering…

What sort of diet or exercise plan did I use to do what so many people before me have failed at?


That's right, I lost weight without dieting and kept it off without following a specific exercise programme.

How is that possible?

Well, instead of wasting more time and money on traditional diet and exercise plans, I found a way to devise my own...

A way that put me in control of my own weight loss and relied upon proven psychological methods to help me stick to it.

You see mindset and motivation are really the keys to being consistent and being consistent is the key to successful weight loss. Yet, mindset and motivation are something that almost every weight loss program leaves out.

Or at best, does a lousy job at. But this was where I started!

The result:

I lost 45 kg in 33 weeks,
kept that weight off for 5 years,
and then went on to lose another 8.5 kg.

For FREE!!

And I've continued to keep the weight off ever since…

What happened next?


That's right, I went on living my life.

I continued to read all the weight loss marketing BS in all the magazines, saw the so-called 'gurus' on television and witness Australia – and the rest of the Western world – continue to get fatter and fatter.

Until one day I'd had enough and did what any caring,
responsible human being would do…

I decided to share my secrets in a book... 

50 Steps to Lose 50 kgs
...And Keep It Off

It was a best seller!

Now remember: I'm not some big company trying to sell some sexy new weight loss plan that is easy to sell and market.

My goal was simple...

I wanted to help people win their weight loss war
and become one of 'those people'
who never have to worry about their weight again.


So, after the success of my first book and the massive amount of media attention it received, I decided to write a second book, a book of recipes that got me through my 50+ kg weight loss.

Thus was born... 

50+ Recipes to Lose 50+ kg
...And Keep It Off

These are everyday recipes. Recipes I cook for myself and my family. They are cheap, delicious, filling, and many take less than 10 minutes to make.

That book was also very popular.

So I wrote a third book… 

50 Ways to Weight Loss Motivation

...which reveals the key aspects of 'weight loss mindset' that helped me to succeed in my own massive weight loss.


And, to support those on a similar journey, to give them a heap of resources and access to like-minded people. People sharing in a true weight loss journey. People who had been there (or were there) themselves. People like me.

So, I formed Love Your Weight Loss, my online weight loss community.

And that what it's all about

Love Your Weight Loss takes the 'plan' out of a weight loss plan.

It helps you utilise scientifically proven methods for devising your own way to permanent, healthy weight loss.

Based on the concepts of neuroscience, Love Your Weight Loss teaches people how to nurture themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically to achieve massive weight loss goals with minimal efforts, no restrictive rules or diets and no forever-thin fitness 'gurus' shouting at them about achieving more.

The result is that weight loss becomes nearly effortless and you not only lose weight – you keep the damn stuff off!

You will lose weight effortlessly through Love Your Weight Loss.

If losing weight forever if your aim, Love Your Weight Loss is for you.

Here's why:

  • You’ll painlessly transform your lifestyle to that of a fit, healthy person
  • You’ll feel full of newfound energy, health and vitality
  • You’ll rewire your beliefs and inner psychology until you and ‘think and feel’ like someone who is naturally fit and healthy
  • You’ll learn the truth about what really works for you
  • Your confidence will explode as you notice yourself getting better and better and fitter and fitter each week
  • You’ll discover what it’s like to be your own expert… to feel totally in control of your personal weight loss journey and not having to rely on trainers, weight loss programs or specific diets
  • You’ll learn how to lose weight while eating real food. No dieting or counting calories

Imagine learning how to lose weight in ways that you enjoy
– and doing it consistently – every single day.
7 days a week. 52 weeks a year.

You just imagined life with Love Your Weight Loss.

You will find a way to prepare fast, healthy, filling meals – effortlessly.

Healthy eating is often hard work – it is often time consuming – time consuming and expensive.

Love Your Weight Loss makes it easy with:

  • Video cooking demonstrations
  • Hundreds of dishes that are fast (most less than 10 minutes), filling (this isn’t like any diet you’ve been on… you’re going to eat REALLY well) and healthy
  • Recipes that your whole family will love, which won’t end up costing you a fortune and here’s the clincher, they’re designed so there’s not much washing up either!!

You need Love Your Weight Loss.

But don't just take my word for it…see what others who successfully lost weight through the Love Your Weight Loss community have to say about it...

You will learn how to transform yourself from an exercise loather into an exercise lover.

(It's okay if you don't believe me on this one yet – I wouldn't have believed someone if they told that to me back in 2002 either)

Becoming a regular exerciser, even if it's just walking, is one of the leading predictors of permanent weight loss.

I know…I lost my first 17 kg just through walking. But walking for weight loss only works for so long.

That’s where neuromuscular stimulation comes in... 

Neuromuscular stimulation enables you to:

  • Get more bang for your buck when you exercise. Changing your workout routine frequently stimulates neurological adaptations, which can help you get fitter faster
  • Avoid the dreaded weight loss plateau because it stops your body from quickly adapting to the same old exercise routine by constantly challenging it (without merely just resorting to increasing the weight you ‘should’ lift) and so your body keeps losing weight, day after day, week after week
  • Ban the boredom of most exercise regimes. Varying your routine with neuromuscular stimulation means you’re using your mind almost as much as you are using your muscles. It’s the thinking person’s guide to exercise because we all know that when you ‘don’t have to think’ about your exercise you soon start to think about how boring the exercise is!

You will learn a totally new approach to exercise with Love Your Weight Loss – I guarantee it – and after a week of using Love Your Weight Loss you'll wonder how you ever survived all those other stupid exercise / PT sessions / bootcamps and every other deadly boring approach to exercise you've encountered before.

Start losing weight now!

You will feel supported.


Supporting you in achieving permanent weight loss is what I live for – it's what I obsess over.

It's why I offer you:

  • Regular Q&A Sessions
  • Forums
  • Private one on one consultations
  • Over 1500 video demonstrations of mindset, food and exercise information
  • And MUCH more

Without you, I'm just another person who lost a lot of weight. With you, I'm the awesomest weight loss expert on the planet (hehe)

So come join the Love Your Weight Loss membership community!

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